Love Note #5

At the end of my day,

the only voice I long to hear

is yours.

The only smile that can lift

my heart

with no effort at all

is yours.

I want you.

More than anything before.

More than anything else,

I wish for your happiness

and our forever.




The Hardest Goodbye

The one uttered but never heard.

The unexpected one,

that nobody saw coming.

The one that socked you in the stomach,

and left you doubled over in pain.


The one that sat in the pit of your soul, Continue reading

Hurt Locker

It smarts.

It reeks.

The quiet within the storm

howling louder and louder,

until the rain pours out and

drenches and overflows and


Pain comes from the unexpected,

as layers are peeled back

and the truth lays bare.

As bare as the smacks trailing on

an open back filled with sores and scabs.

It smarts.

An Unusual Occurrence

Love is an unusual occurrence.

Two people are floating along,

meeting either by chance or

pushed together by fate, destiny,

or an online bot of an app.

They talk to each other, about each other,

with each other,

and suddenly, good feels erupt.

Sometimes so unexpectedly,

it shocks the system.

Unexpected good feels

that are definitely welcomed.

They gaze at each other, into each other,

within each other,

and suddenly, these emotions bubble up.

And it moves beyond good feels. Continue reading

Birthday musings

A new year I am stepping into,

refreshed and hopeful,

slightly tinged with trepidation

at what these next 365 will bring…

grateful for the spot of sunshine

that brightens up my every day.

Amazed at the spotlight of love

in my son’s gaze,

and pressed to give him

the best of me.

Quietest birthday ever

but clearest one ever.





Ties that burn

“My Mummy is my Daddy”

And with those words, he broke my heart.

The mind, the innocence of a 3 year old.

I knew not what to say.

I held him close and muttered, ‘I’m sorry’

Ties that burn

have yet to scald him,

and he has yet to realize that

choices were made

that created

these ties that burn.