Taking Stock…

Making: adjustments to my go-go-go mindset now that Baby Aus is here…we are on his schedule.

Eating: tons of brown rice – apparently it helps with breast milk production…

Drinking: Water, water and more water..

Reading: Just got this book: ‘Lifesaving Lessons; Notes from an Accidental Mother’ byLinda Greenlaw. It is dry in some places (she talks about fishing…) but I am excited to finish it. If Aus lets me.

Wanting: to have hubby here with here…damn that bureaucracy!

Playing: Oh, you know it…Reggae (of course) and Fally Ipupa and Rhumba…

Wasting: uhm…nothing really…

Creating: A scope of work for my new intern…I remember vividly when I myself was an intern. Aaaah.

Wishing: that everything could work out smoothly between the Cali disability stuff (for maternity leave) and I could spend more time at home with my baby…instead of tripping and trying to go back to work when I have barely healed from my surgery!

Enjoying: NCIS…I know, right? Well, since Austin’s arrival, Netflix has been my best friend and I sort of like the idea of binge watching the show while feeding him, rocking him…

Liking: my little sister right now…new mom with tons of advice and a penchant for maintaining zen…and with the uncanny ability to transfer her zen-ishness to me as a new mom.

Wondering: if anyone at edd.ca will pick up my call to discuss my disability rejection!!

Loving: my time with my son. Wow, I have a son. Such a trip.

Hoping: to knock out all my work in preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October…

Marvelling: at my motherly instincts. Who knew?.

Smelling: Uhm, like breast milk and spit up.

Wearing: an old red Mombasa beaches sarong wrap and a nursing bra. Yeah, it’s hot in Cali – don’t judge me!

Following: I always try to go to ThisisEss.com to catch up with her…I miss her personalized responses to my messages though…in my mind, we are besties…:-)

Noticing: that I am quite particular about certain things…who knew?

Knowing: that it’s bound to get better..God doesn’t give you more than you can handle…

Thinking: that  I have some of the best friends a girl could wish for…truly, it takes a village to raise a child…

Feeling: like a celebrity – already at my pre-pregnancy weight…through breastfeeding. Trust me, I did not exercise…well, the kid is a chunk so I guess he counts as ‘lifting weights’…

Bookmarking: Nothing of interest online really…

Opening: my mind to what may come…

Giggling: at the faces pulled by this little 6 week old baby of mine

Feeling: grateful for all the love and support from all over the world after we welcomed Austin…



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