A sliver of a whisper, dark ghost of a tale floated into being, directed at a broken cage to weigh down, perhaps, or to tarnish the glow of a new heart beating… Deja vu of a whisper, ancient but familiar… poised on a stage, an unknowing audience, an unsieved unit, to draw out a sparkle […]

Waiting to Dance

The music starts. Yet feet don’t move. Or even shuffle in tandem. There is a silent wait. To dance. To be free. Together. First moves and leads unsure and unknown. Waiting to dance. The music continues. I stand still. Waiting.     4.17.2011


It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and we have already spent half this weekend together. You and I. You jumping all over me, pulling my hair, hacking at my feet with your imaginary fire ax (which toddler knows what this is, sincerely?) and me fighting you off as you throw yourself into the sky and launch yourself […]