The Barber Shop

It’s about time I threw in the towel. I have been the (mostly) sole provider of Austin’s haircuts since he was born – I even carried out the traditional year 1 cut usually reserved for the hands of grandmothers. Well, I have never really been the traditional type. I started off his last haircut in […]

‘Don’t Get Shooted’

My son turned two yesterday. He loves police cars. I bought him a little cheap UN Police car from a mall play area when he refused to sit on the little train and instead just wanted the police car. He almost always insists on seeing my phone so I can show him ‘polisi’¬†– a 3:45 […]


So, we had our first stay admitted at a hospital. The little one had had a racking cough for a few days, and two nights with a fever. Saturday lunchtime, he told me,’ya-ya’ (lala¬†– sleep in Swahili) and climbed into my arms and fell asleep, mouth ajar, lips cracked. He hardly ever asks for ‘ya-ya’ […]