New Year’s Kiss.

He led me away from the party, my right hand loosely clasped in his left. I felt like I was sixteen again and memories of my first kiss flickered in my mind. I followed behind him as we made our way past the cottages that dotted the reserve, the music from the wedding DJ thudded […]


Two weekends ago, my little boy hit the one-year mark. I released a sigh of relief, wiped the sweat from my forehead, the sweat that accumulated each time I woke up at night to check if he was breathing, each time I placed my hand on my back in the inky blackness of our bedroom […]


You calmed me. Your voice, over the phone, calmed me. I could hear your fear for me in your tone, but I could also feel the love, as you told me everything was and will be okay. I believed you, and together, we breathed in out sighing in relief and that weight? It fell off […]