New Year’s Kiss.

He led me away from the party, my right hand loosely clasped in his left. I felt like I was sixteen again and memories of my first kiss flickered in my mind. I followed behind him as we made our way past the cottages that dotted the reserve, the music from the wedding DJ thudded […]


I knew you hadn’t. Forgotten me, that is.     I feel I am always in and within your sights. Your grace waiting close by to catch me when I stumble. I knew you hadn’t. Because you never have. Your hand wraps around my heart, injecting me with warmth amidst a cold pushed in by […]


You try your best not to contribute to the corruption within the system, telling yourself that change starts with you. Then your life comes to a standstill because you have refused to part with $40 in order to gain a bigger return. The bureaucracy in Kenya is mind blowing. Police stop you for speeding, ask […]

Repost: “My Thoughts on Phobias…and What’s Taking Place in South Africa”

Repost from: My name is Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi. I am a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria to two Nigerian parents. Raised in Queenstown, Eastern Cape by those same Nigerian parents right up until I completed my Bachelors at Stellenbosch. Growing up in South Africa, I was always reminded by those around me that I was different […]


It’s a bittersweet Easter this year. One of my closest friends lost her niece. Her text said, “…has gone to rest” and I didn’t believe it at first. Because her niece was 27 years old. Who dies suddenly at 27? If you knew Georgina, you knew her giant appetite for life, her zeal…I mean she […]


It seems we never have time, these days, to say goodbye, to hear a voice for the last time, guffaw together one more time, because lives are snatched from us in a blink. They say you’ve gone to a better place, and this means you’ve left us in a place full of tumult, leaving an […]