I knew you hadn’t.

Forgotten me, that is.



I feel I am always in

and within your sights.

Your grace waiting close by

to catch me when I stumble.

I knew you hadn’t.

Because you never have.

Your hand wraps around my heart,

injecting me with warmth

amidst a cold pushed in by life

and those jokes it likes to play. Continue reading


You try your best not to contribute to the corruption within the system, telling yourself that change starts with you. Then your life comes to a standstill because you have refused to part with $40 in order to gain a bigger return. The bureaucracy in Kenya is mind blowing. Police stop you for speeding, ask for $20 – $40, and you weigh your options – pay that small amount now OR go to court and get charged $400. You meekly hand over your $20. I have been waiting for my Identification Card to get processed for well over a month. My life is on hold – I cannot get paid, I cannot register for my tax deductions, pension etc because my ID has not been released. I had to jump through hoops upon application, because they had to ‘verify’ that I was Kenyan. I have been Kenyan since before I was born. But I had to stand there and explain why I was Kenyan. Why I have never had an ID but I have travelled extensively under my Kenyan passport. They nodded. Checked my BCG scar. Seemed satisfied. Stamped my papers. I got fingerprinted and photographed. Then my registration stayed on someone’s desk for 3 weeks. Continue reading


Austin has been busy growing up.

He currently is boasting 2.5 teeth. Right at the 5 month mark, his bottom teeth started to show – the left one popped first. Yeah, breastfeeding became an extreme sport… Continue reading

2016…Part 1

So the new year started. And I had not written a thing. Yet so many things have happened in my life and all around me. First, Baby ASW is now eating. Pureed food BUT it is still NOT breastmilk. Second, I am in Kenya.


Here is how the last few months since I last laid pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) have gone:

A. After a hellish experience trying to obtain a passport for my little one, with Baba Austin having to visit the American Embassy TWICE to sign off on permission slips for Aus to get his PP then I had to deal with sending every document in my arsenal with my full African names to prove that I was who I said I was…we received his passport and I booked tickets to Kenya.

B. We survived the trek from Los Angeles, sleep-over in Dubai, to Nairobi. With 8 suitcases in tow, and a car seat and travel frame AND Continue reading

A Long Trip

It was a long trip.

The kind that made you

feel dusty inside and beneath your skin,

the sweat gathered in your pores;

discussing the best exit strategy with your self

for the dried upon sweat and dust that lives on, within and around you

when you disembarked from the huge metal container.

It was a long trip,

punctuated by fear, bouts of pleading and silent appreciation

for every minute that your offspring remained asleep and undisturbed.

It will never happen this way again,

loads of suitcases, 18 pounds or 8.4 kilos cradled delicately on your arm,

wearing his spit-up like a hesitant champion – lucky for you, you opted

for the white and blue shirt that never shows any stains…

It was a long trip,

a safari of a lifetime leading quietly into the next phase of life.

Worth it?

Time will tell. As for now, this long trip, dusty self and all, has ended.

A new trip has begun.