“Mama, what’s your favorite color?”

“Yellow…!” he bellows out before I can answer.

I ask him, “Austin, what’s your favorite color?”

He answers without a drop in the beat.

“Byack” Continue reading


Maswali Mengi

They come rushing in, faster than furious.

The questions.

I expected them. But not this fast.

I have unleashed the Kraken, it seems.

Maswali mengi, kilio kimoja.

Who is, what is, when is…

Who is…




You slipped in.

Somewhere between laughter, witty comebacks,

age-jabs, whatsapp connections,

long talks about everything and nothing,

you slid into place. Settled in.

To stay, it seems.


Braced against attempts to displace you. Continue reading

Dear Death

You always knock at the door of the young, it seems.

I am not writing to piss you off. Trust me.

Simply, I am curious as to your methods.

You show up, with your hood and sickle,

no warning, no audio (for the most part),

just a sickening silence and a beckoning

that nobody else but your intended can see.

Can one turn you down? Can one seek postponement? Continue reading

Not Sure

She was not sure what it was.

No words that she could put her finger on, confidently,

could describe the feeling in her heart…was it in her heart?

It felt like the bubbles exploded in her stomach, across her thighs,

slamming against her chest and gushing all over her back.

It was a warm feeling, the warmest she had ever had in a long time.

She did not know what to call it.

Someone, her friend, laughed at her and Continue reading