Love Note #5

At the end of my day, the only voice I long to hear is yours. The only smile that can lift my heart with no effort at all is yours. I want you. More than anything before. More than anything else, I wish for your happiness and our forever.     Advertisements

An Unusual Occurrence

Love is an unusual occurrence. Two people are floating along, meeting either by chance or pushed together by fate, destiny, or an online bot of an app. They talk to each other, about each other, with each other, and suddenly, good feels erupt. Sometimes so unexpectedly, it shocks the system. Unexpected good feels that are […]


It’s weird. Seeing things unfold in slow motion, Puzzle pieces clicking into place, Showing you clearly how heartbreak will come. You hold your breath, turning blue, hope tearing up your insides. Doubts thumping against your chest, propped up by each puzzle piece secured. A new world this is, an unfamiliar playbook for a familiar pitch. […]

Lost and Found

So, I thought I’d lost you. Somewhere between dried up tears and choked up bitterness, I thought I’d lost you. That smile that was never fully freed and that laugh that always fell short… made me think you were gone. I couldn’t remember your name and I could barely recall your face… That face that […]