It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and we have already spent half this weekend together. You and I. You jumping all over me, pulling my hair, hacking at my feet with your imaginary fire ax (which toddler knows what this is, sincerely?) and me fighting you off as you throw yourself into the sky and launch yourself […]

Not Sure

She was not sure what it was. No words that she could put her finger on, confidently, could describe the feeling in her heart…was it in her heart? It felt like the bubbles exploded in her stomach, across her thighs, slamming against her chest and gushing all over her back. It was a warm feeling, […]


You try your best not to contribute to the corruption within the system, telling yourself that change starts with you. Then your life comes to a standstill because you have refused to part with $40 in order to gain a bigger return. The bureaucracy in Kenya is mind blowing. Police stop you for speeding, ask […]