Music is Life

Music plays a big role in everyday life. Before my 12 hour night shifts at the ER, I would get ready to some thumping reggae, afrobeat, pop or reggaeton music. I have reminisced about my youth to the tune of those golden oldies. Some songs remind me of my Papa when they play, and others […]

Next Steps…

I am excited. In August, I set off to live in a land that is not my own, that I have never even thought would ever be my home. I shall live in a rural area. I shall do public health things. And I know that it will be a challenge. As such, I look […]

Nottoway Plantation

The South has a number of plantations along the Mississippi River, from the famous Oak Alley plantation, to the Laura plantation some miles from New Orleans. The family at Nottoway Plantation built a grand house with some very modern touches including a bowling alley for the children, flushing toilets (!!) and servant call-bells (like those […]

Golden State

It feels like home. The warm sun on my face, the strange people in the neighborhood, the fancy-named organic drinks and paying for oxygen at a fancy bar, people-watching on Sunset, shopping at the grocery store with girls who look like they are the next big thing in the movie world… and are the size […]