The winds of change are blowing, and the sands of time scatter in hesitant and muted response. Jumbled emotions arise and uncertainty marks each step forward and back as decisions pondered, home-bases considered and discarded ideas rejuvenated. Changes are two sides of one coin, one welcomes it or despises it but, like a coin, must […]

Reading (and Writing) Woes

I love to read. I have loved reading since I was a youngster, hiding in the bathroom with old textbooks borrowed from my parents’ college-days boxes, and magazines. I even tried to read Shakespeare. I was 7 years old. I did not like Shakespeare. However, I loved reading Parents magazine, some old fashion magazines from […]


He put out his hand to stop her. All he grabbed was air. She had whipped by, leaving in her wake, the strong scent of vanilla and that closet smell that was particular to her. He had once spent an entire afternoon inside that closet, rather than going to the university to work on his […]